Monday, October 19, 2009

Think Before You INK: Tattoos in Corporate America (???)

College is the time where many young adults such as myself decide if they are a "tattoo person" or if they are just plain scared of the needle. As our minds begin to mold and overcome some of life toughest lessons, people find different reasons to get tattoos based off of life experiences... or just because they are freakin bored. However, lets look ten years into the future, or even in May when graduation comes around and we are looking for that big time salary job right before we have our 2.5 kids and white picket fence (and don't forget the red cherry wood door!). Will these pieces of art and/or stupid blurred doodles on our body hinder us from making the next appropriate steps in our lives???

As I walk around my campus at California State University, Fullerton, I notice more and more students starting to get numerous tattoos in clearly visible places such as their forearm and behind their ear. Although the college experience is filled with happy hour, parking tickets, and waking up on stranger's couches, in the end the soul purpose for this establishment is to educate us and "better prepare us for the real world" (that statement can definitely be argued, but that's a whole other blog!)

Views have obviously changed over the course of time and tattoo's are more accepted in society as a form of art rather then a mishap at Woodstock or "that one night" in your friend's garage. Many icons such at Kat Von D have made a statement in business and success because of their tattoos and punk rock attitude. Between starring on the TLC show "Miami Ink", then the spin off "LA Ink", and also starting her own makeup line sold in Sephora, Katherine Von Drachenberg has made quite a name for herself. However, at the same time would you trust the Kat Von D we know and love to complete your corporation's year long taxes? (and correctly to get that tax return!)

All of these questions come into play when deciding if cheetah print and stars going down your spine (as BAMB as it may look on RiRi) is going to really be worth it in the long run. Will your astrology sign on your neck present you in a positive light when looking for a corporate job, especially in this recession we are facing when people are constantly being laid off and some are even becoming homeless. Obviously, as college student, we are putting in the time, stress, and MONEY ($$$) to complete this thing called "school" so we can go on to do great things, but that would suck if you were more suitable for a job and in the end didn't get it due to a stupid tattoo you got while drunk OR because of a piece of art that means the world to you...

I personally have two tattoo's and love them and plan on getting more in the future. However, I am always mindful and conscientious of the location and what I am putting on my body because in reality, it's never going to go away. This is a simple concept, yet we see people jump over a cliff and get a tattoo without thought and hate it within a month. I do believe most tattoo's are a beautiful and a way to express oneself, but until society has evolved (or I rule the world), I'm not going to take my chances by getting blunt tattoo on my forehead.

Something to think about, I want to hear what you guys think! Leave a comment and speak your mind :)

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