Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey, Hello, and All that Good Stuff...

So I decided to create a blog as a way to express myself... and just have little fun on the side! My name is Jayce and I was born and raised in Southern California and I still live here now! I will be done with college this coming May 2010 and I am overjoyed and excited to say "adios!" to the education system. I love to smile, I have tattoos, and I live for the random events that take part in life. Curves balls come flying at me and I'm not an athlete (at all!) so sometimes I get cracked in the forehead right below my edge up, but I dust myself off and actively anticipate what God has in store for me next. So yea...that's JBS!

On my blog I will speak on different issues just to pick at my brain and others. I'm a Communications major and my favorite past time is... talking (no lie!). Sometimes I'll be serious (boooo!) but most of the time I'll be goofing off and saying what is on the mind!

With that said... if there are any topics, questions, or request just shout at my Inbox. I'm going to try this whole blog thing out for a change and I truly hope you enjoy :)

Ciao! (haha),

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  1. way too good of a man i know there are some exciting things lined up for you in life brodi stay positive!