Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Now she wanna KISS me...

So what would you do to walk home with a FREE Mac Book?? California State University, Fullerton holds a contest every year when whoever "kisses a mac" for the longest gets to keep the overpriced machine. This contest can last from 3 to 6 hours! I personally got to experience the contest last year and I am still suffering from minor back pains that may or may not EVER go away! Coordinators have competitors playing Simon Says and doing other rigorous task until people start to drop like they are catching the Holy Spirit (Amen now!)

I received a text from my good friend Megan Warren at 10AM yesterday morning saying she was going to do it! After my Poli Sci class (which in retaking smh) I rushed over to support. The game starts out with 30 participants but by the time I got there there were only 8 remaining (I guess the God went to work!). After watching in anticipation in the hot sun and the pouring rain (got to love SoCal) there were only four remaining. In a task where the hopeful romantics had to hold their right arm and right leg in front of them at the same time, it can down to the wire!

Almost four hours into the contest, Meeg started having muscle spasms as if she was doing the "funky chicken" and the "stanky leg" at the same time! I thought Team Meeg was done for but I kept cheering with hope alive and still high. As I looked to my left, the girl who was "texting while kissing" started to fall and BOOM she was down for count! WE HAD THIS!!!

"Meeg! She's out! She's out!" I screamed! She got so excited she had overcome the last challenge she jumped up and lost. I stared in awe... and so did the officials. They were not rollin and she was also... down for the count...

The Facebook/Twitter fan club that reached throughout the nation was notified of our unfortunate loss. I was able to speak to Ms. Warren (and her $15 gift card to iTunes) about the 3h and 42m that changed her life forever. She was still in pain. She talked about having to put her entire weight on her front teeth to support herself. This contest is no joke and took physical and mental strength. Megan Warren is a champion in my eyes. Go Meeg, GO!

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