Friday, October 16, 2009

Balloon Boy Poser...

Yesterday I was rudely interrupted while watching a doc. about the difficulties of getting an abortion in Mississippi by a tweet from Rev. Run saying a 6-year-old boy was flying over Colorado in a spaceship... Wait, whaaa?! Apparently, there was an uproar across the nation when a young cadet (named "Falcon") climbed into a homemade UFO that resembled a large piece of used foil and/or a giant chicken pot pie and took off for a few hours. Later we found out when the aircraft landed in a field that the "Breaking News" was not so true and "Falcon" was chillin in his attic safely on planet Earth. Many expressed how upset they were via various social networks that their daytime TV program was interrupted and we sadly never got to find out who Cellularphonica's baby-daddy was on Mauryyy.

First off, who names their child "Falcon", but I will say I think the name fits the occasion. Clearly this was an attempt for "Falcon's" parents to get some type of publicity from their little science fair project. But does it really take saying that your poor child "Falcon" has a death wish of falling hundreds of yards into a corn field? Later during a television interview after this trifflin witchcraft, "Falcon" had to leave the set twice to vomit, but was also heard laughing (hmm...).

Falcon's parents were not charged with any fines for the expensive search and rescue (for nothing) and officials are still skeptical as to if this was a hoax or just a simple misunderstanding even though "Falcon" said it was "for show".

This also brought attention to the stunt in 1982 when a man decided to take an airborne cruise around Long Beach, CA in a lawn chair attached with several balloons. He slowly popped the balloons and semi-safely landed in Long Beach Airport. He took Summatime in the LBC to another level...

This odd behavior is beyond me... "Falcon" and this family are officially on my prayer list. That boy just looks bad.


  1. Umm did you watch him vomiting, not once, but twice, on live television today?! I was dying.

  2. Omg I didn't actually see it in action! What a mess. Like I said... prayer list!

  3. Haha exactly. And they just got their home raided.. they must pay for this fiasco. I never want to hear about any more little boys in balloons. It makes our country look bad. Lol.