Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still A L I V E

Wow... it has been a minute since I wrote on this badboy. I missed my blog baby!

Just wanted to write a light-hearted "I'm back" blog to catch everyone up. I've been extremely busy with life. School, work, internship at NBC Universal... but I don't want to talk about that witchcraft!

I cannot believe graduation is right around the corner. I feel like I was just in Vegas yesterday walking the strip for News Years Eve by myself, cup in hand [longgg story, let's just say I'm coo off Vegas at this point in time! Haha]. Its already March tomorrow, kids!

College has been everything people said it was. I really have become the man that I am today... and just a man period. I am not the same 18 y.o. boy walking around campus lost in life... People have entered (and then some left) my life and with each a new lesson I learned a little more on the way the world works. "Regret" has never been in my vocabulary because everything that I have done and has happened to me molded me into the person that I am today. Yes, SH*T really does happen and I have gotten the bad end of it in some cases, but life is a series of lessons that are to be learned and applied to the next. God won't put you through anything you cannot handle. [TTSP] = This too shall PASS! Amen now!

So yes, I've 'parlayed', Facebooked, face planted [true story], and celebrated life for the past four years of college and now it is time to say "buh bye". I didn't really want to spend my last semester of college so freakin busy... but that's what life threw at me and I'm catchin it!

And isn't my stepmom's new dog a cutie. Her name is "Bettina!" Ole!

Much Love,

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