Friday, November 27, 2009

P u r s u e L o v e

I recently got the newest addition of ink this Thanksgiving week. It's a simple tattoo that reads "Pursue Love." Something that I always make sure about my tattoos is that they have a deep and powerful meaning to me, whether I decide to share that meaning with the world or not (which I honestly never give a full story, it's too exhausting). I know I wrote a blog about "Tattoo's in Corp. America", clearly no one can see this one while a shirt is being worn! lol

With this tattoo, a different type of love comes to mind when people first see my chest. I am a single man and have been for years and enjoy my life outside of a relationship for various reasons. The love I am referring to is God's Love. I was in a relationship for two years and have experienced many title-less relationships and always wondered why they all seemed to come to a tragic end that would leave me feeling alone and bitter toward the person and even myself. I have even come to a point in my life where I feel my heart is emotionally broken to pieces and do not know if I can even love again...

But I can... Once upon a time years ago while in church, right after I was newly dubbed "single" and feeling emotionally exhausted after a failed attempts to share my heart, my pastor said something that I will never forget.

"No one will ever love you like God can."

I have heard this statement 5 million and two times, but this time it hit. My entire life, I was searching for the world's definition of "love" and wondered why nothing worked out in the end. At times, I felt so alone and could physically feel it in my heart, but at that moment realized that I have never been alone. God has been with me this entire time and still walks with me and will walk with me til the day I die. All I am able to do is be all that I can be as a person and pursue His Love... the best love out there.

One day I'm sure I will meet the one and once again my heart will be reopened to love another again, but I know forever, God's Love will be the greatest Love JBS knows... and you know I Love me some Jesus! :)


  1. 人生的「三部曲」應該是無愧的昨天,充實的今天,與充滿希望的明天。 ....................................................