Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boyz II OLD Men

I recently was at Sushi chowing down on a 50% off spicy tuna roll w/ eel sauce when Becky (my iPhone) began to do a vibrating table dance for us. It was a good friend of mine calling to say that he had an extra ticket to the Boyz II Men concert in a few hours and if I would like to attend. Being the nice person that I am (haha), I made a couple phone calls to ask permission to forfit previous plans and $2.95 later I was smashin' down the 57 to the House of Blues blasting to the Rihanna's new joint w/ Jeezy "Hard", and I actually LOVE this one! Ri Ri is BACK in my heart, but that's a whole other blog entry!

I was not informed prior to arriving, and even before we entered at 7PM, that Boyz II Men were not going on until 9! So we met up with a couple friend, the DJ "spon that sh**" and we began to break it down in a sardine packed sea of white folks! (I guess we were the only ones feeling it lol.)

After being informed that one of the members had that H1N1 (the swine!) and wondering where my complimentary face mask was, the show finally began. I will say this, they did not look like they were going to pass out and die on stage, they looked good! It was weird that men that could be my father where doing "dance moves" and throwing roses that made girls my age scream at the top of their lungs as if a vein was about to pop. But hey, they did the damn thing.

One of my favorite moments of the concert was when he asked everyone to call their mother. Knowing that I had a low battery and 10:30 is well passed MamaLeita's bedtime, I did as the nappy-headed man said and dialed that "909" number. Obviously, my mom did not pick up, but I was able to leave her a voicemail of them singing "Mama", a song written for the Soul Food motion picture.

I love that fact that these men had been together for so long. Their friendship has to be like cast iron! After almost 20 years, they are still going strong and recognised as a legit music group that can sell out a concert. They have been together since I was 2 years old in 1991 and still win over the hearts of millions of fan doing what they love. Not any artist, especially music groups, can say that. I truly hope that I have friendships like this.

Overall, it was a great concert and a change of pace to the concerts I usually attend. Thank God I did not shed a tear (lol), but the songs did bring back some old memories and made me thing of past relationships. Just know, "I'm doing just fine"


  1. Barito.
    I went to the BoyzIIMen Concert in San B.
    Loved every moment.
    Every walk of life was there.
    Kinda crazy.
    All 3 where at my show.
    and the calling my moms moment was too classic.

    *one tear shed*

  2. It really was a pleasant change of pace to the constant "buckness" that I am used too...