Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Man, WHAT Recession?!

Facebook Chat is a very interesting piece of work. Most of the time I get crazy women and men who I let slip though the cracks of the "Friend Request" process trying to get at me and tell me how much they miss me (although we have never met... don't get it!) How do we have so many mutual friends?! [Questions that I will never understand and need to be tossed into the ibis!]

HOWEVER, tonight Facebook Chat benefited me and opened my eyes to what it really happening in the youth of America. Despite the recession, young America is really starting to step it up and start their own businesses and projects and find their own means to financial stability. Someone hit me up on FB chat making general convo. He brought up a "slow jam" mixtape entitled "Cuffing Season 2" that his friend was releasing and sent me the link. I recongnized the title because I had seen it earlier on my friends Twitter profile picture. Let me say, it was pretty GOOD! Brought me back with some Maxwell, Ne-yo [Say it], and a few other songs that I was listening to for the first time. I really was 45 straight minutes of hot and sweaty baby making music! Sweet Baby Jesus!

I had mentioned my blog with him and me directed me to another blog that he was a part of. After reading a couple articles, I discovered that that too was legit piece of work. The wheels in my head began to crank and made me realize that the recession is not phasing the youth of America. Instead, they are starting their own clothing lines, becoming music artist, creating event management businesses, and flippin the "broke mentality" into an opportunity to use their talents and capabilities to find a way to make money. As a society, the typical "9-5" is not looking so hot after graduation. We are starting to use our creative ideas and with a money making mentality, people are doing what they want and getting paid for it. Perfect Job #pointblankperiod

Many times I find myself getting annoyed with the constant invites to parties I know I am more than likely NOT going to attend on Facebook. In fact I don't even know how many messages I have in my inbox, my iPhone [Becky] literally reads "99+". And now Direct Messages on Twitter, which used to be the strictly the booty call box, is now mass promotions and invites to events. I realized that yes, at times it can be VERY annoying, but young people are doing what they have to do to use their resources to network and get their message out. Even with this blog I promote it on my Facebook account and Twitter. As a Comm major we were always thought to network, network, NETWORK! Just as long as you do not "network" anything on my FB wall... I'm all smiles!

I have a friend who is a dancer and recently left to Canada to train as a Disney character and will be dancing on a cruise ship to the Bahamas for months. Another friend is leaving for a tour for his band next week. Everyday, we are seeing young people living their dreams and doing what they need to do to make rent next month and build up a business that may one day become an empire. Times are changing guys... older people say that they are scared for tomorrow, but we got this FOLKS! ;)



  1. I like this a lot! It's very true. and I LOL'd at the "booty call box" lol.

  2. lol thanks ty. just speaking my mind :)